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Your child can work towards four different colourful awards, each with its own certificate, badge and sticker. Duckling 1 will see children start to move independently and by Duckling 4 they will be jumping in, submerging, floating and swimming five metres without aids.

Suitable for children old enough to follow instructions and who can move independently, they are great at promoting increased independence and water confidence to help prepare for Stage 1 of the Learn to Swim Framework.

Swimming Baby

Stages 1-7

Throughout these seven stages your child will be working on a range of skills. As well as this your child will begin by learning the basics of the 4 strokes which will be perfected by stage 7. These stages are vital to provide each child with the relevant skills, technique and stamina to progress further on their swimming journey. 

Our stage 1-7 classes are made up of a maximum of 6 children to provide the best learning environment for each child.

The full learn to swim criteria can be found on the link below. Our swim school follows the Swim England Learn to Swim scheme.

Competitive stages

These stages are for children who wish to continue their swimming journey and progress even further. Stages 8-10 test speed, stamina and focus on more technical skills such as diving. These classes again can be made up of a maximum of 6 children but it tends to be less. 

Red Life Saver
Swim Goggles
Yellow Snorkel

Rookie Lifeguard

As well as offering parents the comfort of knowing their children are aware of the dangers of swimming in open water, the Bronze, Silver and Gold stage awards ensure children have a solid safety education, and have learned rescue and resuscitation techniques.

Each stage is sub-divided into three levels and each stage runs roughly for eight to 10 weeks. Your children can enter a course at any point during the stage and progress at his or her own speed.

The Rookie Lifeguard Programme also comes with the Water Safety Award, the Life Support Award and the Achievement Awards. 

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