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Terms and Conditions 

These terms and conditions are set in order to provide a safe environment for you, your children and the staff. They are also for hygeine reasons and to ensure our lessons run smoothly and provide a happy swimming enviornment. Please make sure you read all the T&C's and follow them with due care.


If lessons are missed they cannot be made up/transferred to other children or refunded

If you cancel your booking with less than 1 weeks notice before start of term, a £20 retention fee will be held

We do not offer trial lessons. Payment must be made to secure your place.

Terms and Conditions Form 

The below form must be signed before booking in with us. Click the image below to download the form.

Screenshot 2022-11-16 at 11.45.23.png

All parents/guardians must read and sign our T&Cs before booking in. If you have any queries, please speak to Barbara. 


1. All outdoor shoes must be removed, or blue shoe coverings must be worn over shoes before entering the changing rooms and poolside. 

2. In the interest of hygiene, all swimmers must wear a swim cap in the pool. Please also shower before entering the pool.

3. No food or drink is to be taken or consumed on poolside.

4. No jewellery, this includes apple watches/fitbits to be worn by swimmers.

5. Please do not use talcum powder in the changing rooms

6. Under the Child Protection Act and the Safeguarding of all children, there is NO, under any circumstances use of cameras or any photographic equipment in the changing rooms or on poolside. 

7. Parents are not allowed to talk to teachers during the lessons (we can arrange a time if needed) as this is a distraction and puts your child as well as others at risk.

8. We will not tolerate any abuse/ rudeness towards any member of staff or of our club, if this occurs you may be asked to leave our swim school.

9. Lessons cannot be made up, transferred, or refunded if your child is unable to attend their class as this disrupts lessons. We cannot run over lesson times so if you are late for you class, due to traffic or parking, this cannot be made up. Lessons/time will only be made up if it is due to pool closure/problems with equipment etc. (You will be informed if this is the case). 

10. Payments must be made by the date requested on the form to secure your child's place for the following term. Places cannot be held. 

11. If you cancel your booking with less than 1 weeks’ notice before start of term, a £20 retention feewill be held

12. Parents/guardians are only allowed to stay on poolside for children 6yrs and under.

13. Only 1 parent/guardian per family (not per child) allowed on poolside. Please do not wait in the changing rooms or on poolside. This is for the safety of our pupils, families, and staff. 

14. For those parents/guardians on poolside, you must not sit on the window side of the poolside

15. Please avoid bringing any changing bags on poolside as these are a trip hazard/ take up space in the seating area. 

16. We are restricting numbers on poolside as it is a safety hazard to have too many people on poolside. Do not stand on poolside any earlier than 5 mins before the start of your lesson. 

17. Young children (non-swimmers) cannot walk/run around poolside during lessons. They must be supervised at all times and sitting with their parent/guardian. If this is not possible then you must wait outside. 

18. Please do not get children changed after their lesson on poolside. Please use the changing rooms provided.

19. Boys 7yrs and over cannot use the female changing rooms. Girls 7yrs and over cannot use the male changing rooms. 

20. You must regularly check the website for all updates/T&Cs/term dates/forms.

Covid-19 Rules (please read before lessons resume)

Contact us with any questions but please be aware of our business hours (see 'Contact us' page)

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